About Us

Students walking into Kellogg Middle School in the Spring of 2019

History of Our School

In 1959, studies were initiated to develop plans for Kellogg Junior High School. More than fifty conferences were held with the architects and administration to design the educational specifications for this structure. The best thinking of experts in many fields was used to be certain that our building contained the best possible ideas for the training of adolescents. At each one of these conferences, detailed notes were taken and minutes produced which finally resulted in our total educational specifications. Another complete series of meetings was then held with the architects to design a structure that would accomplish our educational goals, and at the same time produce a well constructed building that would keep costs to a reasonable level and at the same time provide for a minimum amount of maintenance. The site is approximately 17 acres. The site has been developed to leave the maximum amount of space available for physical education and athletic programs. It is our general policy to keep elementary schools to a maximum enrollment of 750, our junior high schools to 1200, and senior high schools to 2000. This building was designed for 1200 students, although it is possible to add classrooms to the west end of this building should it become absolutely necessary. On May 19, 1997 Independent School District 535 voters approved the sale of bonds for school construction. The Kellogg Junior High School project was one among several major projects funded from this successful school bond election. Construction began in June 1988, and was completed in time for Kellogg students and faculty use during the 1989-90 school year. New construction added 27,500 square feet to Kellogg, including an auditorium, six classrooms, an elevator and storage space.